About the Author

Hi, I’m Tim Ingle. I’m the creator of a preschool program called Tulipchan, which teaches social skills. I’m also the Chairman of Let’s Love Japan; a non-profit organization that creates original animated stories to share the Gospel in Japan. I’m a husband and a father and a huge movie fan. I write, I animate, I think.

My qualifications for taking on this site include my education. I have a BFA in Animation/Kinetic Imagery from Virginia Commonwealth University and a MA in Communication: Media, Faith and Culture from Regent University. I’ve also watched many animated movies hundreds of times each and I’ve read a lot of books; many written by C. S. Lewis. If you ever read something truly insightful on this site, it is probably something I gleaned from his wisdom.

I have a passion for sharing knowledge, particularly knowledge of Christ. Jesus is so amazing, and I want to know Him more and more. One of the ways I do that, aside from reading the Bible, praying and going to church regularly, is by watching movies and reading stories.