This is the first “Short” exploration I’ll be doing. It occurred to me that the full explorations might be too much to read for some parents and so I’m going to attempt to keep it simple. This will also assume you’ve watched the film already.

Big Hero 6 is another in the continuous line of Disney winners that started with Tangled. Here Pixar is without any ideas and Disney is rocking things. Let’s take a closer look as some Gospel manifestations.


Baymax – He’s a lot like Jesus in that he’s a healer and good friend. He was also on track to fulfill his purpose and wouldn’t get sidetracked, much like Christ who stuck to His Father’s agenda. And he even gave up his life so that his friend could live… and then came back to life in the end. Of course, Jesus is not naïve like Baymax, He isn’t going to be manipulated. And when Jesus rose from the dead, it wasn’t into the same form/body he was in before, it was/is a triumphant, resurrected body that can never die.


Hiro – Our hero, Hiro. He did something great in the film that reminded me of Jesus. He banded together a team and encouraged them to follow him. Then he helped them use their special talents to “upgrade” themselves to be everything they were capable of being. Of course, he was unlike Jesus in that he was out for revenge and quick to bail on his buddies. But in the end, Hiro comes around.


San Fransokyo – The setting of the film was a mash-up of two cities, San Francisco and Tokyo. Having walked around both cities multiple times, I can say they did a good job of capturing the feeling of both cities. There was also a mix of American and Japanese cultures. In the New Jerusalem, a remnant from every nation (tribe/tongue) will be together as one. That’s probably something fun to imagine with kids. And then, let them know that the human mind can’t even come close to imagining how wonderful it will be.


The micro-bots Hiro invented – These tiny robots were designed to be a good thing, but a twisted man turned them into a tool of evil. Everything in creation was made to be good, but the devil and sin have turned these all for the worse.

There are plenty more. Did you see any you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let us all know.


Discussion Questions:

  1. When Baymax and Hiro were stuck in the portal, Baymax knew the only hope for saving Hiro (and Abigail) was to give up his life. Doesn’t that kind of remind you of someone else? How was it similar? How was it different?
  2. Hiro saw each of the team members’ special talents and helped them use those powers to become super. What talents did God give you? And how does the Holy Spirit help you to use those powers to be a hero for the Kingdom?
  3. The city in the movie, San Fransokyo, is a combination of two real cities. One in America, and one in Japan. The two different cultures were combined in the film. Did you notice all the Japanese stuff around the city? In Eternity, we’ll all understand each other and people from every nation will be there. What do you think that will be like?
  4. Wasn’t Hiro’s invention cool? The microbots could be used to do some really good things, huh? But Professor Callaghan took that great invention and used it to do evil things. When God made the Universe He said it was GOOD, when you look around now, is everything good? Just like Professor Callaghan, Satan, God’s enemy, took the things God meant for good, and used them for evil. The sin of people also does that. Can you think of anything that God made for good that people use to do evil? How do you think God feels about that? Would he, like Hiro, go to great lengths to turn his creation back towards good?