I’ve found a interesting way to share a Gospel truth with my 3 year old that is fairly easy to grasp, even at his young age. Every time we watch a Disney movie, it starts with a view of the Disney castle logo. More recent films have a simply beautiful scene of a realistic looking castle and the surrounding town and river, with a magnificent view of the starry sky and fireworks in the air. I started telling him when we see it, “That is like Jesus’ castle! One Day we are going to live there with Him and it will be our home forever!” The first few times I had to tell him, but now he tells me. “Papa! That is like Jesus’ castle, we are going to live there and be with Him!” It is so wonderful to hear him say that.

Last night, when we were riding in the car I asked him if he was happy, and he said “yes”. And I followed by saying, “Papa and Mama are happy too, do you know why?” And completely out of context, he said, “You are happy because we are going to live with Jesus in His castle One Day!” I was actually going to say, “We are happy because you are our son.” But what a great reminder to always be joyful, knowing that One Day we truly will be living in a castle, even more beautiful than the Disney Castle, and we’ll spend each day with our Lord for all Eternity. So amazing, and simple enough for a 3 year old to grasp. The Gospel is everywhere if we’re willing to keep our Kingdom Glasses on to see it.