How to Use This Site

Here you will find easy and fun ways to share the Gospel with your children using movies and characters they already know and love. What you won’t find here is reviews of morality, violence or ratings. There are plenty of sites that already do a great job of that. Try Dove Foundation and

In each movie exploration you’ll see the shadows of the Gospel, learning to spot these little gold nuggets of truth and get some questions for further discussion with your kids about the story and of course about Jesus and other Biblical realities. All theological points will be supported by scripture.

Have you ever thought about talking to your kid about Jesus and didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you do, but it always feels forced or even impractical? Maybe it’s easy for you, but you’re always up for another opportunity to introduce your child to Christ? Well, this site is for all those reasons and more. To make the most of this site, follow these steps:

Step 1: Know the True Gospel

You have to read the Bible to get the most of this site. You have to know what the Gospel is and you have to of tasted the sweetness of grace. If you start at the Gospel, everything else will fall into place. Remember, these stories are shadows of the Gospel, not the real thing. A lot of the elements of the story may be contradictory to the Real Gospel and those will be the things that our kids will have questions about. Like, “If Wall-e is like Jesus, does that mean Jesus is a robot?” and the answer is??? Come on, you know this one… it’s “No. Jesus is not a robot.” Kids are really smart, and they will come up with awesome questions. You CAN answer them all! The answer is in the Bible! But don’t feel like you have to give them an answer right away… there’s nothing wrong with saying, “I know there is an answer, and I will find it in the Bible and get back to you!” Kids LOVE when parents do stuff like that for them.

Step 2: Know the story

Watch the movie and get a good grasp of the story. What happens? Who does it happen to? How is it resolved? You don’t have to be an expert on the movie, but at least know the main character’s names and the plot. This way, when you talk about the story with your child, you’ll understand their questions and be able to think critically about the answer.

Step 3: Put on your Kingdom Glasses

That is, make sure that when you’re watching, your eyes, ears, mind and heart are all prepared to spot all the shadows of the Gospel. Every story is saturated with some elements that can be directly related to God and His relationship with mankind. When you are looking for them, you’ll see them.

Step 4: Listen to and talk with your child

Find out why they like the movie, what are their favorite scenes? Use the discussion questions and conversation movers provided in each exploration to keep things on track with the Gospel. Make sure to say, “The Bible says _____ about _____ ” and let them know why the Bible is a reliable source for information about God.

Step 5: Participate and Share

If you have additional thoughts, use the comment section of each Exploration to share them and interact with others.