Discussion Questions –

  1. For a very long time, the Dragon Warrior was expected to come. Everyone had their own idea of what the Dragon Warrior would look like. When it turned out to be Po, most people were disappointed and didn’t want to believe he is the real one. What did you think at first? Did you think it was a mistake?
  2. For thousands and thousands of years before Jesus was born, people were expecting The Messiah, which means “Man Anointed by God.” Even though there were many prophesies about Jesus, different people expected different things about The Messiah. Some thought He’d be Big and Strong. Others thought he’d be Rich and born in a palace. When Jesus finally arrived, he was meek & gentle, quite poor and not at all like what people had expected. Lots of people ignored Him because they wanted a different kind of Messiah. What do you think Jesus is like?
  3. Master Euguew tells Shifu, “There are no accidents.” What does he mean by that? Do you think God is ever surprised?
  4. When Po finally received the Dragon Scroll, it was blank and all he could see was his own reflection. Since the scroll was meant only for the Dragon Warrior, it didn’t need to give him a new skill or special ability. Po was already the Dragon Warrior, “There is no secret ingredient.” Nothing could make him more of a Dragon Warrior than he already was. Why was Tailon so angry to learn there was no special information on the scroll? (Because it proved he could never ever be the Dragon Warrior, no matter how hard he trained. ) Jesus is the ONLY Messiah and no matter what, no one else will ever compare with Him.