Disney’s Live Action Cinderella debuted this weekend. Let’s look at some ways WE are all like Cinderella.

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    We are of noble birth – Our father is royalty even, and we were meant for a noble life. (Ephesians 2:10) But because of The Fall (Genesis 3) and our own rebellion (Psalm 14:3, Romans 3:12) we are now wards of our wicked step father, Satan (John 8:44). As such, we are living in filth, work is hard (Genesis 3:19) and our situation seems hopeless.
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    We long for better things – In our hearts we know our situation is not how things were supposed to be (Romans 8:19-27). We look for chances to escape, even if only for a while. Cinderella wants to go to the Prince’s Palace Ball. She knows that she belongs in that type of place. She finds hope in him and his world.
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    We can’t get to the Palace on our own – The way we are, fallen and filthy, we’d never be allowed in the Ball, let alone the palace. Even with an invitation from the Prince himself, many people will not be allowed into the Palace Gates because they aren’t dress properly. Cinderella needed Fairy Godmother to come and make her ready. We need God’s Holy Spirit. He comes and transforms us through sanctification (1 Corinthians 6:11) and we are dressed in Christ’s righteousness (Isaiah 61:10). Many people will show up at the Prince’s Palace dressed in what we would thing is fitting attire. These are the people that put on a good show, but are dressed in their own righteousness like the wicked step-sisters. When the day comes, they too will be turned away with all the rest who are not properly attired. (Matthew 22:11-14).
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    We will live with the Prince happily ever after – [Spoiler Alert] If you don’t know, the Prince marries Cinderella and they live in his palace happily ever after. When we look forward to The Day when our Prince returns on his white horse  we see that it’s for His wedding and the Church (all believers) is adorned like a bride (Revelation 19). Our palace comes down, the new universe (Cosmos and Earth), untainted by The Fall has been prepared for us (Revelation 21). We will live there, with our Prince Jesus, forever and ever. Amen (Revelation 22).