The Jesus Storybook Bible is pretty much the most awesome Bible for kids. It’s pretty good for adults, too, as it trims some of the thickest parts of Scripture into essential bites of truth. I’d think it could best be described as a storybook-language translation of the Bible. It really cuts to the heart like a two-edged sword, as well. I admit I’ve found myself with tears in my eyes after reading the stories.

I’ve even gleaned things from this that I never caught while reading my regular Bible. For instance, did you realize that Ugly Leah, who Jacob didn’t even want to marry, is part of Christ’s lineage, and that means Pretty Rachel isn’t. Who’s weak-eyed now, sister?

The artwork in it, by Jago, is simply stunning; presented particularly well in the Read-Aloud version. This shouldn’t be the only “translation” of the Bible that you read, but it should definitely be on your shelf. My family loves it. “Every Story Whispers His Name.”