Though I intend to predominantly explore animated films on this site, from time to time there are Gospel concepts I’d like to draw on from other films; still with the purpose of sharing Christ with kids. One wonderful image of Christ can be seen in the film “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (2010).

Throughout the film is the concept of “The Cheese Touch”. A slice of cheese has been on the school black-top for years, and a mythos has been developed around it; that whoever touches it becomes infected with “The Cheese Touch”. Any such person is then ostracized from community, as anyone they touch becomes the carrier. The entire school lives in fear of it.


Greg, the main character, and Rowley, his best friend, are pursued by some older kids and finally captured on the black-top, right by the slice of cheese. The bullies force Rowley to not only touch the cheese, but to take a bite out of it. This happens just as all of their classmates are coming outside. They see Rowley standing there, with the half-eaten cheese slice on the ground and it is pretty clear what had happened.

Greg knows that this is the end for Rowley’s school-life, eating the cheese is like the ultimate cheese-touch. Instead of letting his friend die socially, Greg steps up and claims to have eaten the cheese, in front of the whole school. He took on the curse of the Cheese Touch, saving his friend’s life… socially, by giving up his own life… socially.
What a great Gospel image. The curse of the Cheese Touch is like the curse of Sin. Just as Greg became cursed to save his friend, Jesus became cursed, taking on the sin of the world and giving up His life… literally, so that we may have life… literally. “Greater love has no man than this, that he would lay down his life for a friend.” – John 15:13